Thursday, March 1, 2007

Guardian Angels

We have the usual NOPD, the State Police, the National Guard, and now the Guardian Angels. Our problems with crime are hard to even think about. Where do you start? So much contributes to our dire crime problem. In some ways New Orleans had slid into being a rude city before Katrina. Service in some parts of town was negligent to missing. Unless you are a tourist or only go into upscale stores and shops, you are confronted with rudeness. Traffic and general civic behavior is rude. I think its a low level symptom of the syndrome that breeds crime. I'm not sure quite what the Guardian Angles do but I plan to find out and report back here.

I see teams of two walking around the coffee shop. Right after the public outrage over the murder of Helen Hill, the NOPD was told to get out of their cars and on foot in the neighborhood. That didn't last long. Soon they were back in their cars. Now we have these folks in their red berets and they are walking the streets. The only thing I've heard about them was very positive. They came across a drug deal and stuck with the dealers while calling the cops.

I have the idea that they are helpful and do coordinate with local police. I hope so. We need something to get the crime under control and maybe they can help.

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